This is a story about trail blazers. 


Hey, I'm Alex. 


Entrepreneur, leader, empath, introvert. 

Type 6 Enneagram .


All the fun stuff .



Daily Practice and Yoga Mentor for heart driven women who were made for more.

My mission is to furnish powerful, visionary women like you with the tools, systems and support that you need to smash your goals and grow your empire.

I always dreamed of being a leader, but working for someone else was clearly not the place that was ever going to happen. 

I'd always felt like an outsider, different, or special.

I had a taste for the occult, but I didn't get my answers there either.

My life has been a quest for clarity, purpose, spirituality, and guidance. On a mission to go higher. A mission for growth and seeing what is possible.


I found my absolute sweet spot implementing the wisdom of yoga and daily practice into entrepreneur life to leverage action and create massive success. 


These tools are about developing a practice of self trust, self acceptance and merging it with the discipline of work, and the rituals of self care to leverage your unique gifts to boldly rise into the highest version of yourself. 


It's about finding the tools to take you from overwhelm and self doubt into confident, empowered individuals ready to make an impact.


I know you know this. You were made for more.



I am location independent, my fiancé and I run our businesses from the road while we travel full time, and I figure out how to squeeze more cat cuddles and baking into my days. I love being outdoors and freedom is my number one value.


But it hasn’t always been this way.

From a young age my family always asked me when I would be running the world.

I grew up knowing I was meant for big things.

I hopped skipped and bounced my way though school, plus all the way to Law School (classic overachiever).

My introverted nature was increasingly evident, and with stress levels rising, I knew I wasn’t cut out for the cut-throat world of the law, so I went back to uni like any self respecting ambitious woman, and got myself a second degree.

I began a shining career in the environmental sector - except even there, it wasn’t really hitting the spot. 

Throughout those days I felt trapped, stuck and in prison (that’s just open plan offices though, right?). I felt exhausted, anxious, and overwhelmed.

But worse, I felt everyone knew exactly what they were doing.

I dove in to my yoga teacher training with a view to delivering my gifts to the world on the yoga mat.

I loved my classes and my students, but teaching in the village hall of my adopted town wasn’t quite where I wanted to be either.

What was this? Who was I?


Back in 2016 I did something I had never done before, and registered for a yoga retreat with a yoga business coach in Thailand, and invested in my personal and spiritual growth in a way I had never done before.


It was the beginning of an exciting chapter.   


Soon after, we sold our house in Scotland, we put our businesses online, and we handed the keys to our house over the same day I handed in my laptop and staff pass for my old job.

My finance and I embarked on a year long adventure around the world of travels, adventures, and experiences that have brought us together and lifted us up.


We gave ourselves permission to go after our goals, and we never looked back.


There have been scary moments.

There have been times when I thought I couldn’t do it.

And at each point, my daily practices were there to ground me, nurture me, give me the answers and the direction I was looking for, spurring me onwards.

In early 2018 I started a new partnership with a luxury vegan hair care brand, and continued to grow this at great pace as well, introducing a fantastic new residual stream of income to my business.


Here’s what I know:


Feeling stuck and with anxiety through the roof, my endocrine system was buckling under the toxic load of stress, and I’d lost interest and faith in my career.  


But I chose to stop buying into the Work More, Work Harder story. 


I chose to invest in myself. That was the best decision I ever made. It was scary, but not as scary as staying stuck in Purgatory for the rest of my working life.


I doubled my income, I smashed my financial targets, and I set myself emotionally and energetically free.

I began to see what I could be capable of, of how I could become the world leader I'd dreamt about as a child.

And I am gifted at helping others do this too. 


Whether that is chains-off and becoming a bad ass girl boss, or an awesome entrepreneur,  or simply freeing yourself from the attachments to the things that bog you down. 


I am here to help you raise your game and your business. 

To uncap your blocks, barriers and your upper limits and redefine what’s possible for you.
To boldly blaze your trail and create a lifestyle and a business you daydream of.

You were made for more.

 Let’s go there. 

  • I’ve worked with incredible women from around the world to get clear on their vision, their mission, and their strategy.
  • I've worked with women to leverage their skills and their zone of genius to create incredible offerings to bring into the world and become leaders in their field.
  • I’ve created an incredible team of entrepreneurs changing the world, the way we do business and what we think lifestyle looks like, right before our very eyes.

 I’m here to help you to do your version now.


Once you have heard the calling, it is time to rise. It's time to become all that you were made for.


Here’s some of the ways I work.


Yoga & Rituals for Real life.

But not like roll out your mat for an hour while worrying about work or dinner or the kids or the dog, and then hurrying back to real life.

I am talking about the whole toolbox.

The art of applying all eight limbs to:  

  • Shift mindset
  • Improve health and reduce stress
  • Increase mental and emotional resilience and stability
  • Develop focus, motivation, discipline and resolve for better decision making
  • Increase efficiency by 10x - save time, make more time for you
  • Feel empowered, balanced, grounded, to feel like you again 
  • Understand your inner self, your drive and what is holding you back. 
  • Identify with your calling and your next steps on your path
  • Connect back to you. 


I'm not here to teach you yoga. I am here to help you find a practice that works for you - whether it's for calm, focus, creativity or grounding. Whatever you need in your life right now.  

For abundance. For higher, deeper connection.

The architecture of yoga, applied to your business, your fitness, your relationships. Your whole damn life.

Here's how we know we are a fit:

  • You desire to go at life with growth mindset, but theres a block in the way and you are ready to get unstuck & rise up; 

  • You are a trail blazer and have a natural curiosity about creating your own economy, residual income, or your own freedom based life;
  • You have great big dreams and plans to implement, but decision fatigue, analysis paralysis and indecision are holding you back;
  • Valuing other peoples opinions more than valuing yourself (hello people pleaser) is beginning to wear thin and you’re ready to move on and up; 
  • self sabotage and self abandoning is wasting your time and you’re ready to unleash your gifts to maximum impact;
  • You feel lacking in courage or clarity to take it all the way to the top;
  • You’ve had enough of your limiting beliefs around money mindset and worth and are ready to power up to the next level.  


Ready to rise all the way to the top? Then right this way…


A few fun facts about me

I love homemade gifts, crafts, pottery, foraging for berries and all things wild and wonderful  - and turning them in to chutney. Anything goes. I love all things homely.


I love cats, but I’m also deeply into freedom so travelling the world while looking after amazing abodes, cats included, is a dream come true. (No joke, ask for what you want and be real specific about it, and the Universe delivers.)


Ten years ago I began my yoga career with a class once a week, and over the years have built this into a regular home practice. Ashtanga, hatha, yin. It's all good. But if I headstand for more than 5 minutes, I get super angry and emotional. Like, for the rest of the day. But don't worry, I don't do that when we talk ;)


I like to think I'm Paleo but my favourite food is pizza. Go figure. 


Coffee order: Black, Aeropress. 


Favourite journal prompt: What Do I Want In My Life? And, Where do I want to be in 5 years time? ooh ooh, and What are you grateful for? I freaking LOVE journalling.

 I specifically love bullet journalling, but I do it all in my favourite black pen. No stickers, no graphics. I’m a minimalist BuJo girl. 

When I’m not coaching or hanging out with my team, I’m probably washing my hair. Or walking. I love walking.


I live my life exactly how I want to - supported by a luscious daily practice to bring about freedom, fun and fan-fucking-tastic results. And I love sharing this with my clients and my team. 


It's simple, but I'm not saying it's easy. 

Having this much discipline and commitment isn't for the faint hearted.

But I am not a faint hearted boss lady.


I am bold, brave, powerful and playful. I came here to work hard, get shit done, and have fun doing it. 

And I reckon that's why you are here too. 


I'm here to help you raise your game & your daily habits to create a life that you love living.

Ready to design it? 




Made for more?

Head over to my yoga and Hero Package pages to find the right tools to up-level your life.


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