Let me introduce myself. 


I'm Alex.

I'm a yogi.  I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm an empath.

I love to connect with people, and find out what makes them tick.

I especially love meeting other highly sensitive, empathic, introverted people with huge dreams, and I love to help them make that possible.

It used to be all about the The career ladder. Law degree. Masters degree. Career in the environmental sector.  I thought I knew what I wanted, and I bust a gut to get it. My medical records even say so.

But at some point during all this, I came to a slow and painful realisation that I was nowhere near where I wanted to be, or where I thought I should be.

My anxiety was through the roof, my endocrine system was buckling under the toxic load of stress, and I’d lost interest and faith in my career. 

I was working a full time job in a career that felt empty, but from the outside it looked like I was ticking all the boxes.

Something had to give. 

I desperately tried to find the cure. The solution that would fix me, get me back on the path and further up the career ladder.

I thought my problem was internal, and that if I could just identify it, I could find a way to fix it.

I chased lots of avenues, and the one I kept coming back to was yoga.

My mat was a safe place I could escape from it all. I could relax, breathe, and find the space I needed.

I began to understand what made me tick. My signature strengths.

When I stopped trying to fix myself, I started to accept myself. 

Then I took this off the mat and into my life.

I started my own business. I started working with a coach, learnt new skills, put my business online, and I said goodbye to my home - I started to travel. 

Freedom is the metric for success in my life. It makes up my double bottom line. And as a bonus, I now have fresh mangoes and papaya for breakfast, from the garden. 

If you want to see more of my journey and what life looks like from my perspective, go check it out here

How did I do it?

I chose to stop buying into the Work More, Work Harder story. 

I chose to invest in myself. That was the best decision I ever made. 

I doubled my income, I smashed my financial targets, and I began to see what I could be capable of. 

And I am gifted at helping others do this too. 

Whether that is chains-off and becoming a bad ass girl boss, or an awesome entrepreneur,  or simply freeing yourself from the attachments to the things that bog you down. 

I am here to help you raise your game and your business. 

‘The most important investment you can make is in yourself.’
— Warren Buffett

Let me ask you something

  • Is life fabulous - or are you just about holding it all together?
  • Got a lot on, but in spinning so many plates it's anxiety-central and a constant state of overwhelm?
  • Do you want to feel calm and balanced, but instead you feel adrift from your purpose?
  • Constantly busy but not moving forward?  Is there just not enough time in the week to do everything you want to do?
  • Looking for the next step, or afraid to take it?


Because if these resonate, I have a supercharged, high-vibe solution for you.

The architecture of yoga, applied to your business, your fitness, your relationships. Your whole damn life.

But not just any yoga

Not like going to class, stretching for an hour while worrying about work or dinner or the kids or the dog, and then hurrying back to real life.

I am talking about the whole toolbox.

The art of applying all eight limbs to:  

  • Shift mindset
  • Improve health and reduce stress
  • Increase mental and emotional resilience and stability
  • Develop focus, motivation, discipline and resolve for better decision making
  • Increase efficiency by 10x - save time, make more time for you
  • Feel empowered, balanced, grounded - feel like you again 
  • Understand your inner self, your drive, your barriers
  • Identify with your calling, your next steps on your dream path
  • Connect to the divine, your god, your high consciousness

This is my coaching. 

I began with a class once a week, and over the years have built this into a regular home practice. Ashtanga, hatha, yin. It's all good. 

I live my dream life - supported by a gorgeous daily practice to bring about freedom, fun and fan-fucking-tastic results. 

It's simple, but I'm not saying it's easy. 

Having this much discipline and commitment isn't for the faint hearted.

But I am not a faint hearted businesswoman.


I am bold, brave, powerful and playful. I came here to work hard, get shit done, and have fun doing it. 

And I reckon that's why you are here too. 


This is all waiting for you too. 


My programmes are suited to those with a tendency for growth, but feel STUCK.

My programmes are suited to those with a natural curiosity about creating your own economy, your own freedom based life.

My programmes are for those who seek deepermeaningful connection - not just to themselves but to their family and friends too.

For trail blazers, wanting to do their own thing. 

For those who are ready to perform like their pants are on fire.


Listen, Hero.

It's time to go the next level. 


Want to join the fun?

Head over to my yoga and Hero Package pages to find the right tools to up-level your life.


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