How to Schedule your Self Care

The Importance of Scheduling Self Care

Time, right? As humanity, we all have this in common - there just is not enough time to do everything. And sure, sometimes it feels like there isn’t even enough time to do some of the things. 


So with to-do lists ever expanding, and jobs to go to, and an emotional load that would make Beyonce cry -  time for self care may be seen as a bit of a luxury.


THAT judgment - oh, another spa day? Alright for some.

Oh you’re taking time out for a massage? Getting your hair done... AGAIN?



But here is the thing:




If you don’t have your self care down - you are going down. Fact: not looking after yourself will lead you to burn out - or worse. 


So how do you do it?


  1. Figure out what you need to feel good, to feel topped up and to feel inspired.  List out all the things that you need to happen to feel good and then do not compromise on getting them.
  2. Schedule it. Actually set time aside in your diary to do it. Even if it’s the ONLY thing you schedule - schedule that. It’s important.
  3. Make it a non negotiable. Do not cancel, and do not postpone. Just do it. 

What is the alternative? Sinking further down in to anxiety, overwhelm and dis-ease. Getting stuck, demotivated, feeling lost, or disconnected. 

Maybe already this is a familiar spot to be in.

So ask yourself:

  • what can you do about it?
  • What can you do to get out of it, and keep yourself buffered from it?
  • What do you need in your daily life, your weeks or your months to keep your energy and your vibration high?
  • What is it that drains you, and do less of it. 

The key here is to get super clear and intentional about what it means to look after yourself as an absolute priority. Get yourself in prime condition.  Clear your head and look after your body. Nourish the soul.

This makes the path that much easier to find, stick to and totally and utterly nail with grace.


Put yourself at the top of your to do list and the rest - your success - falls into place. 



Above and beyond my daily practice - here’s my top 5 acts of self care to schedule:

  1. Yoga Classes
  2. Massages
  3. Time in Nature
  4. Swim
  5. A Day Off - digital detox


No. 5 - I know, right?

In this world of constant notifications, swiping and scrolling - it becomes harder and harder to hear ourselves and what our bodies and minds need. The fear of missing out is so strong that we sacrifice our basic human needs and fall into the trap of overwhelm, information overload, and  so we keep on keeping busy, doing more - instead of doing less.

Self care is about stepping back from the drama of the outside world and going within. Finding time and space and quiet so that we can access our own innate wisdom, our inner voice, our heart. This is the true place to take action from.

So if you can do one thing this month, before Valentines Day, schedule in your self care. Book what you need to book, and give yourself that space to connect back and tune in. Give yourself time to listen. Use self care to hone the art of trusting yourself. Any action you take from here is your true path. 


In joy. 

Love, Alex x



Photo by William Farlow on Unsplash