Warning: You’re Losing Money By Not Doing Yoga

Not enough time to do yoga?

Not flexible enough? 

I prefer a cardio workout.


Over the years of teaching yoga I’ve heard so many excuses as to why people don’t practice yoga. 


But here’s the thing - not doing yoga is actually costing you.

Maybe its money, maybe its your time, maybe its your energy. What we know is this -  time is money, money is energy. And if you have energy leaks in your life, chances are - there is a financial cost to this, and yoga can help you heal it. 

 Life is hectic, humanity is over stimulated, as workers we are less engaged, more stressed, and less productive than ever. And when you add into the mix being your own boss, that pressure skyrockets.


Healthy rituals which provide a framework for calm, focus and productivity start to become essential for modern life. 


So here’s a quick summary of why yoga can help support not just a healthy lifestyle, but a more fulfilling, successful career, and booming bank accounts. 


Yoga for Health (+ Healthy Profits)

Figures in the US indicate that companies are spending about $300 billion on health care and missed work days as a result of STRESS. This is causing massive issues not just in mental health but in physical health too. And if it’s not the company picking up the bill, it’s the individual. 


So how can yoga help improve health (and HINT - improve profits) ?


Yoga is a great stress reliever in two ways - firstly, by reducing cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol in the body compromise the immune system and cause anxiety, depression and being on “high alert” or “fight or flight” mode. By relaxing the system and lowering cortisol, the system is better able to heal and repair itself - which also reduces stress eating!

Yoga also reduces stress by releasing serotonin - the feel-good hormone. Bad heath costs money. Stress eating is expensive. Happy days are healthy days are productive days - this will save you money in both the short and the long term.


Yoga can help reduce blood sugar and bad cholesterol. This is great news for diabetes sufferers as yoga has been found to lower blood sugar by lowering cortisol and adrenaline and encouraging weight loss. 


Yoga also reduces risk of heart attack, strokes, and blot clots by improving blood and oxygen circulation around the body. This also increases energy levels, and improves immune system and detox function by increasing lymph drainage around the body, which flushes out toxins.

Yoga also improves digestion and reduces things like adrenal fatigue, IBS and ulcers which are exacerbated by stress. 


Yoga improves posture and in doing so, also reduces physical pain in the body. Poor posture causes back, neck, muscle and other joint problems which can cause pain and things like degenerative arthritis in the spine.

Yoga strengthens the muscles and structure in the body and improves flexibility, reducing pain inflammation and risk of arthritis.   


Back pain is one of the most common workplace complaints for people with desk jobs. A 2012 British study showed the benefits of yoga in an eight-week study that drew participants from a government office. It gave one group a single 50-minute yoga class a week while allowing a control group to maintain a sedentary lifestyle.

The yoga group reported significantly less back pain and lower stress, as well as greater self-assurance, serenity and concentration. By comparison, the sedentary control group reported more hostility, sadness, stress and back pain.



Yoga for Productivity


Yoga has lots of physical health benefits, but there are heaps of mental benefits too.

Yoga is a powerful tool for developing mindfulness, awareness and gaining control over your thoughts or thinking patterns. This can increase feelings of calm calm, connection, focus, clarity and relaxation. In terms of the money, clarity and efficiency in decision making means making less costly mistakes, and being more efficient with how money or budgets are invested or spent. Procrastinating or time wasting has a huge cost in business, so being able to take good decisions quickly saves time and energy, and that saves money.

It also means you are quicker to identify where things are going wrong and take action to address it.

Win, win, win. 


Yoga really does improve focus as it helps develop powers of concentration and single mindedness, particularly in longer held asanas, or in meditation practice. This has been shown to increase IQ, memory, reaction times, power of recall and information retention. These practices help reduce distracting thoughts and contribute to better focus, clearer thinking, and better decision making, and much, much less time lost to procrastination. 


Yoga facilitates better sleep - calming down the nervous system, reducing blood pressure and improving blood circulation, as well as calming the mind has the profound effect of improving sleep and reducing insomnia which is incredibly powerful for cognitive function. 


Yoga is also a known mood lifter - helping see and manage self limiting thoughts, fears and anxiety. A happier, calmer work force means less Absenteeism. Yoga at the workplace has been shown to reduce absenteeism from sickness or other physical problems, to boost company morale and improve communication skills among employees. In addition, employees who took lunchtime yoga classes at two office sites in California reported a steep decline in stress and musculoskeletal pain. One aspect of this is a central aspect of yoga - the concept of ahimsa - compassion, not just to the self but to others too.

Hello happy workers and healthy profits! 


Yoga also helps build mental discipline and resilience, because developing a daily practice like yoga helps you learn new habits, which improves self esteem and is empowering to help pave the way for implementing healthier, happier habits in all aspects of life. 


Yoga for Love Life. 


Yes. Yoga improves sex. With 6 out of 10 Americans choosing sleep over sex as a result of  sleep deprivation resulting from all the demands on us, all the stress and stimulation. One aspect of this is naughty midnight shopping or scrolling, instead of intimacy.


But don’t worry - yoga has got your back. With all of the above benefits - better posture, improved immune system, improved circulation, more energy, increased flexibility and strength, mindfulness and presence, improved self esteem - you bet that improves things in the bedroom.

More fulfilling relationships isn’t just more joyful, its better for the bank account in that it also means reduced comfort-purchasing.


It is evident that stress, anxiety, illness and pain are costing the economy, hampering business, and reducing staff morale. In our personal lives, these issues are impacting our relationships, wasting precious time and costing us money.


In one smooth sun salutation set, this can all be handled. 

So next time you’re feeling stressed sick, unsexy or poverty stricken, ask yourself how much not doing yoga is costing you.


Maybe it's time to roll out the mat. 



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Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash