Habits for Success

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. 


Success isn't a birthright. There's no guarantee. There's no luck.

It's something that is practiced, practiced, practiced. And it might look like this:





Because of all the failing that goes into success, it's a good idea to get pretty damn resilient to it. That takes courage, strength, and focus. 


How can you get good at this?  Make it a habit. 


Set up your habits for success. 


Habits typically take 5 -7 days to get used to, and 2 months to really bed in. 

But it's worth it. 

If your mindset is tuned to positivity, to success, you are far more likely to achieve what you want out of life. Reach your goals. Leverage success.  Become even more successful. 

So, to get there, I have got five habit hacks for you. 


Five Habit Hacks 


Start small. Start with a gratitude practice. Every day, spend 5 minutes journalling on what you are grateful for. Be it fluffy kittens, your family, your team, or your bank account. Bask in gratitude, make it a daily habit, and elevate your energy and your mindset to call it in 



It really is easier in a team. Find yourself an accountability buddy, a mastermind partner, or do what the professional goal accomplishers do and hire a coach. Let this person keep you on track for your goals and your habits, and see what does for your levels of success. 



Use your time wisely. The top CEOs, heads of state and even Beyonce have exactly the same amount of time in a day as you do. Make each moment count. Use a calendar or a bullet journal to schedule effectively, and plan in your routine. Make it non-negotiable. 



Set good goals and make it a daily practice to check in with them. Write down your goals, which will make you statistically more likely to achieve them. And make it a weekly if not daily habit to check in with your progress. 



There are three types of action you can take: Retreat, Tread Water, or Take Action.

Successful people take action  - massive action. So next time an opportunity arises, a situation occurs or you need to do something - remember to take action. Lean in and take as much action as you can to achieve your goals. 


Nothing ever happened when nothing happened. 


Put these habits into practice and you will be well on your way to excellence. 





Alex x

    Photo by Henrique Junior on Unsplash