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Hatha: a physical practice combining both postures and breath.

From Sanskrit: forceful

Hatha is a classical yoga practice, believed to be more than 5,000 years old. It takes many forms, however my own practice is influenced by Patanjali's Asthanga, Eight Limbs of Yoga, and Hatha Raja Yoga, yoga of the kings. This provides me with a daily structure which supports my lifestyle, keeps me healthy and grounded, and allows me to connect to myself as well as the world around me.

In class we look at -

  • asana with a focus on alignment in the postures to build strength, resilience and flexibility
  • breath and guided meditation using prana and mindfulness to settle both the body and the mind  
  • intention setting to discover our purpose and build a practice and a life that serves us best. 

Hatha is most definitely a powerful and dynamic practice but we will also make sure we have an awesome time along the way.

Ready to join the fun?  



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Looking to slow it down a bit?

In a Yin class we take it down to the mat, holding the postures for longer to work in to the fascia and connective tissue throughout the body. This is a deep practice which:

  • nourishes and promotes health in the fascia, joints, ligaments and tendons - the places we don't normally go
  • increases flexibility and mobility in the whole body
  • provides a meditative experience, detaching from our physical experience and soothing the mind
  • reduces stress and anxiety, equipping us for our ideal life.

We dedicate the time and space to relax into each posture, exploring our own capacity and tenacity as we meet discomfort. For this reason, it's also a great mental practice - helping develop strength and resilience in the mind.

Yin is a challenging practice but is also deeply relaxing, providing the perfect balance to a yang lifestyle. It really ought to be called Luxury Yoga.

Sound like your thing?



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Looking for a dynamic all-encompassing yoga practice? Let me introduce you to Ashtanga, Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga.

In these led classes we are looking at the traditional Primary Series as developed by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. This follows a set sequence of postures which we flow through vinyasa style -  coordinated with the breath. Throughout the asana practice we focus on breath, bandhas and dristi to develop our focus and resilience as well as our strength, flexibility and endurance.

Astanga yoga is fundamentally a toolkit for dealing with life - which I can attest to. Asana is just one of the limbs. In class we also introduce the other limbs, and - just a heads up - the eighth element is enlightenment. I'm not promising that - but here in the studio the yoga mat really is our world, our mirror, reflecting the truth of who we are.

Expect to sweat, so bring a towel, some water, and your very best energy, but leave the ego at the door. 




Yoga for Trailblazers

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Like Sports? Interested in Yoga? Want to see how it can improve your game?

This class is for you if you run, cycles, swim, climb, golf - the active types!

And this class is equally for you if you sit behind a desk all day, or spend a lot of time driving.

This class is about movement. This class is about supporting a healthy lifestyle. And this class is about fun. 

In this class we will be looking at common problem areas, as well as working with postures and the breath to increase flexibility, core strength and stamina to support a healthy, active lifestyle and up your game.