The Hero Package

Private Coaching for founders, entrepreneurs & change makers.


Forget the 9 -5. 

Forget working 50 hours a week (or more) until retirement.


You don't have to postpone your life and put off your freedom to some distant point in the future. 


This is about creating a life that you don't want a holiday from. 

This is about creating a life that lights you up, every damn day. 

This is about discovering your mission, and then serving so powerfully that your impact is tangible, undeniable and unforgettable. 


In this coaching programme we work together to:

  • identify your character strengths and weaknesses and how they work for you (your light and your shadows)
  • figure out and translate your purpose into a high impact mission
  • overcome unhealthy habits and implement healthy practices and rituals for your life and your business
  • shift mindset, raise your frequency and create an abundant life in the present moment.


These are the practices and habits that helped me double my income, become location independent, and raise my game to dizzying new levels.

These methods are thousands of years old.

They work for me and countless others, and if you are prepared to commit, they will work for you too. 

But which asana goes in my business plan?


This isn't a one-size-fits-all programme. 

This needs to fit you, your business, your vision. 

Support you get from me is specific to you and your needs, but can include:

  • Practical hacks, tips and tools to implement immediately,
  • Bonus reading material, templates, trackers and resources that will help you with the mindset shift you desire, 
  • Goal setting techniques and action plans specifically created for you to get where you want to go, 
  • Your own mantras, affirmations and visualisations to support you while you up-level,
  • Assignments, feedback and unlimited email support in addition to coaching calls. 


This is for you if you want Killer Daily Rituals.   

Consistent, awesome business practices.   

Leadership mindset.

Your own trail to blaze. 


montenegro mountains.jpg

Are you ready to call in support?


I’ve been there. Long days in front of the laptop, soul sucking commutes, endless task lists and not enough support.

Or ( cringe ) .... No support. 


Its time to stop all that.


Its time to work smarter, not harder. 

To have a successful business - you must prioritise yourself.   You must invest in yourself. 


That's why to stay in the game you need rigorous self care, rituals for grounding, and practices that you can rely on to get you out of overwhelm and despair and back into making money.


You need accountability.



You need a practice that enables you to reclaim your power and your focus and achieve the outcomes you desire for your business. 



  • How many times have you made excuses about taking that action you KNOW you need to do?
  • How many times have you missed your favourite yoga class or skipped your daily practice, due to some deadline you can barely remember?
  • How many times has being overwhelmed and anxious caused you to shut down and miss out?
  • How many times has fear or self doubt got the better of you?


Have you ever realised you are holding yourself back? 


Until you have established clear rituals and habits, next time crisis hits you’ll be right back here again.


Overwhelm, panic mode, shut down.


This doesn't support your business. 

This is not the domain of successful business owners and entrepreneurs - they’re super chill, manicured, and zen as f*ck.

20170731-1D6A1908 2.jpg

The entrepreneurial life can be boom and bust, and that's why you need to be outrageously confident, clear and calm to roll with it, to keep showing up, to be consistent. 


Your habits and practices are what keep you together.

They give you the courage to move forward.


Or  there's this:   your bad habits break you, lead you down the pit to self doubt, freak out, and adrenal burn out. 


No more. 


Developing healing, nourishing and healthy habits and daily self care practices will empower you to take clear action towards your goals, grow your business and stay high frequency to grow your bank account and manifest the results you desire, regardless of the fluctuating circumstances around you.


Its about being grounded. Its about regaining control.  It's about harnessing your courage, making it your super power, and going out to rock the world. 



Here's what my clients say.


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Aberdour being one of your stops so far! I’ve loved working with you - I’m a total yogi convert now and a daily practice devotee! Hell, I just spoke to 400 people - and loved it.
— Kirstie Ross, UK
Another thing which, for me, makes our sessions especially awesome is the fact that you remind me of the gains I’ve made working with you - usually the intangible gains that are easy to overlook/forget.... 

Am very grateful for this success and am totally conscious of that fact and trying not to take it for granted :)  Equally looking forward to the future and the opportunities that brings - I’m so glad I can recognise that opportunities are there and ready for taking! THANK YOU for helping me see them!

— Rob Knight-Strong, UK
Brilliant, thank you! I found our sessions really helpful and reminded me HUGELY that I need space to breathe! I have been confining myself and it’s not helping.
I also love that you think differently to me and see things that I don’t.
— Clare Nisbet, UK



Allow yourself the time and the space to take care of you, so that YOU can take care of business. 

Enter The Hero Package

4 month Coaching Programme for Entrepreneurs, Founders & Change Makers

It's time to take action. 

No more procrastination. No more excuses.  This is a time to draw all your courage and all your energy and to take massive action. 

If you desire to:

  • make a difference,
  • connect to your vision, your mission and your power, 
  • be seen in the world, 
  • make your impact,

I'd love to support you to take your mission and make an impact in this world. 

The Hero Package


• A complimentary 30-minute discovery call to get clear on your priorities and get a feel for our ‘fit’ 

• Hero Welcome Pack designed to help you understand your baseline, set your goals and peg out your journey

• 8 x  90 mintue in-person/Skype sessions of transformational coaching, mindset mastery and habits implementation strategy 

• Take home actions and assignments tailored to you and your journey

• Unlimited email support

• Access to workbooks, reading lists, resources, and tools that I've used in my own development - podcasts, books, journals, meditations, yoga practices, philosophy, success psychology and so much more 


Investment: £3,500



Book your call now to talk about working 1:1. 




Hold the phone.


Don't feel ready?

Afraid to commit?


That's quite normal. But it's not going to get you the change you desire. 


Want to talk it through? 


 Book in for your complimentary  Discovery Call with me and we can have a look at where you are right now and where it is you want to go. 


Whether or not we work together on the Hero Package, in your Discovery Call we will identify actions that you can take straight away to start making positive changes and take a step towards making that impact you crave.


It's time to stop hiding, and start taking action.