Reclaim You   

1/2 day Intensive



Imagine taking the time to focus on you and your desires

To discover what you want and how to set about achieving it.

To be listened to, supported and energised. 

To explore how to take things to the next level.

Imagine deep discovery and  powerful transformation, preparing you for the next steps. 

Visualise your wildest dreams becoming reality. 

This is your intensive

Before we get started, you will complete an initial assessment to outline where you are now, what it is you want to work on. 

I will create a tailored structure for our time together designed to get right to the heart of the matter.

During the intensive we will work together in person or remotely, diving deep in to whatever it is you want to work on -  we can clear blockages, work through a challenge, discover your desires and create a gorgeous goal journey and work plan just for you.

We can check in with your goals for this year, and set goals for next year. 

Whether you are looking to change career, start your own business, take your business to the next level, or are in dire need of a self care boost, this is the experience for you. 

This intensive provides you with:

  • The time you need to focus on you and EXACTLY what you need
  • A boost of confidence, support and energy to take action
  • An initial assessment setting out where you are right now
  • A plan of action to move forwards towards your goals
  • Practical tools that you can start using immediately to create the results you desire
  • OPTIONAL - a deep yoga experience, with a sequence designed specifically for you and your journey that you can then practice at home. 

What does this package look like?

  • A Welcome Pack designed to help you understand where you are now,  to set your goals and peg out your journey, including your Initial Assessment
  • 3.5 hours 1:1 session of personal coaching, mindset mastery and habits implementation strategy
  • Take home actions and assignments tailored to you and your journey
  • Self Care Handbook
  • A 30 minute check up / review call


Reclaim You - Intensive Investment: £450



Enquire now - pop your details below and I will get back to you with the arrangements. 


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