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Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Talking Freedom, Travel, Love, Money and more.

Speaking frankly on their own experiences, these bold women explore what it means and what it takes to create a laptop lifestyle and freedom based business, paving the way for future freedom based female entrepreneurs.

Learn from these fabulous women as they share their why, the how, the highs, the lows, all running their own businesses while they travel the world. 


Let's begin, shall we? 

Day 1: Self Care

Looking After yourself is looking after your business



 The Body Love Coach


Emma Polette is The Body Love coach and empowers women to treat their bodies with love and kindness.

Emma left Sydney corporate slavery in 2012 to move to the beautiful town of Albany, Western Australia where she pursued her passions of yoga, personal training and health coaching and started her business Blue Sky Vitality.

Emma speaks beautifully on the impact of looking after your body in a way that serves you. 



Fashion Mentor & Business Coach


Nicole worked for more then 10 years in fashion company, in Italy and abroad, and has an MBA plus many more business accolades. 

Yet personal development is her deepest passion, and she strongly believes that our success is equal to our personal growth.

Nicole's passion for what she does shines through, and she loves where and who she is right now. 

Prepare to be inspired. 



Founder of Luscious Life


Kanelli is a Success Coach and founder of Luscious Life.

Best selling Author and speaker, Kanelli is passionate about helping dynamic ambitious women create Successful businesses around their desires and what turns them on, holistically whilst maintaining their feminine identity and thriving health.

Hear more from Kanelli in this luscious interview!


Day 2 : Community




 Founder of Ways of Change


As the founder of 'Ways of Change,' co-created fashion brand connecting refugees with the global community, Cara Boccieri lives and works in the jungle on the Thailand Burma border.

Cara lives by her values of community and co-creation - hear about an incredible social enterprise in this interview. 


Tantra & Relationships Coach


Ruth Sowter is a Tantra and Relationships coach, yoga teacher, writer, speaker, women’s health expert and healthy hedonism advocate. 

She integrates tantric wisdom with modern teachings from psychology and science on emotions, attachment, trauma, and the brain to bring light to our sexual shadow and healing on a level that is relevant to the particular challenges of our modern lives. 

Listen to Ruth here. 


Founder of Dreamlife Deluxe


Susi Kaeufer is a Mindset Coach and Visibility Strategist for female Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads.

Susi is currently on her second round the world trip, pet sitting around the globe and working fully location independent. She manages a facebook group with over 2,000 members with consistently high performing engaging posts. 

Follow Susi's tips showing up and engaging with your audience here. 


Day 3 : Passport



 Travel Mentor & Personal Coach


Cara is a personal coach, yoga teacher and former clinical psychologist. She lives life by her values, doing what's important to her, and helping her clients do the same.  

Cara is taking on life one adventure at a time and wants you to do the same. 

Listen more here!


International Business Consultant


Monique Alvarez has been using her 20+ years experience of entrepreneurship and leadership to help women around the world become powerful business owners as an international business consultant.

She lives life to the fullest, as a digital nomad and travels full time with her husband and two toddlers. 

Listen to Monique's story here. 



Founder of Shanti Company


Simona Deckers is an international life and success coach. She is the dynamic founder of Shanti Company and has transformed the lives of thousands of people through her deeply transformational coaching and mentoring.

Get ready to hear lots of inspiration to call in your Level 10 Life!


Day 4 : In Business




Vocal Coach

Lizz Summers is a voice & communication coach for entrepreneurs who want to share their message with confidence, charisma, and authenticity. 

In today's interview we talk about how your voice is your best asset in your business, and how to make the most of livestreaming to boost your business.

Get ready for being bold, being seen AND being heard - listen to Lizz's interview now!  


Personal Branding & Soulful Coach


Eos Koch is a soulful coach, web designer and photographer and supports soulful women in building and growing their brand and business in alignment with their desired lifestyle.

In this interview we talk about what having a freedom based business in beautiful Ibiza looks like, how vision boards are such valuable tools for your business and how to get started with them, and what it means to show up authentically.


Day 5 : The Money Piece

Making your high end business make money 



 Speaker, author and mentor


Vangile Makwakwa is an inspiration when it comes to money - she is a total money magician.  Author,  personal finance speaker, online course creator, - she  teaches women entrepreneurs to create holistic wealth, build investment portfolios to create freedom to live life boldly and to travel the world.

In this interview Vangile talks about how we inherit and pass on our money stories, and why it is essential to heal in order to create financial freedom. 

Watch Vangile's interview and learn from a master!


Personal Finance Coach


Debbie Sassen helps high achieving women take charge of their money so they can build wealth, give generously and live a life of choice.

In this interview, Debbie talks about how to take charge of your personal finance and build wealth. She offers no nonsense, practical advice that you can put into practice immediately. 


Watch Debbie's interview here! 


Digital Marketing Specialist


Avidahn Buckner is a digital marketing consultant who partners with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow their customer base online. 

In this interview Avidahn speaks frankly on how to grow and market your new remote business, and shares some valuable insight on how to invest smartly AND protect your business. 


Listen to Avidahn's interview here. 


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