Ready for something different?


I know I was.


I wanted to work for myself. 

I knew I was chasing the wrong path working for someone else. 



But it's not all a bed of roses, cocktails by the pool and the laptop lifestyle. 


It's all about taking matters into your hands:

  • Taking radical responsibility for your own success.
  • Managing time on your terms.
  • Working, travelling, playing - all flowing, no hard distinctions.


This is not the easy path. But it's simple. 


You just need the right tools, the right guidance, and the right support system. 




You don't get this just because you know it's there. 

You get it because you take action. 


And I can help you on that path.


Whether you are starting your own business, getting ready to make a big life change, or just looking to see what else is possible for you, I will help you to create the right systems in your life to guarantee your success. 


Without the sacrifice. 

Without the overwhelm. 

Without the anxiety. 


This isn't about surviving. 

It's about thriving. 


Quite often we can't even see what we want from life because it's so thick with the day-to-day tasks, responsibilities and obligations. 


 It can feel impossible to create an inspiring new reality or call in your best life when you are viewing it from your current perspective. 



That is why getting support is so powerful. 



If you desire more from life, more from your business and more from yourself, you're in the right place. 


I am all about getting clear on what you want, where you're going, and how you can reach your highest potential.


If you want to know what could lie beyond the horizon for you, let's go there.



Who is this for?


I work with high frequency, high achieving, empathic entrepreneurs and professionals, getting them unstuck from their current reality, to operate vibrantly to create a sustainable, successful business, and take them beyond their wildest dreams. 


I help courageous, ambitious and daring individuals to tweak their daily habits and practices to get the most from themselves. 


I help them to see their character strengths, their weaknesses, and where they can focus their attention and efforts to leverage massive success. 


Everything you need for success, you already have within you. 


This is about leveraging and focusing your skills in the right way to get the results you desire.  


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Single Session

1 hour pick me up

In this hour long session, we will work on a specific problem that you desire to clear.

You tell me the issue, we focus on your goal, and we create the steps to get there. 

  • Feeling lost or stuck?
  • Need to get clear on your direction?
  • Want a confidence boost NOW?
  • Need support and need it fast?

We talk clarity, action and motivation.

Whether you're feeling lost, not getting enough time for youneed a dose of motivation or just want an experience of coaching without the commitment of a package, this is for you. 

Grab your coffee and your laptop, and let's do this.

Over a 60 minute Skype session, we'll get to the heart of the issue, discover where you need support most, and develop a plan to get you back on your path, pronto

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Reclaim You: In Person Intensive

3.5hr Intensive

This half day intensive provides you with:

  • The time you need to focus on you and EXACTLY what you need
  • A boost of confidence, support and energy to take action
  • An initial assessment setting out where you are right now
  • A plan of action to move forwards towards your goals
  • Practical tools that you can start using immediately to create the results you desire
  • A deep yoga experience, with a sequence designed specifically for you and your journey that you can then practice at home. 

You will get a Welcome Pack designed to help you understand where you are now,  to set your goals and map out your journey. 
Together we will look at personal coaching, mindset mastery and a strategy to implement the habits you need for success. You'll leave the intensive refreshed, with a clear plan of action, and then we'll follow up 4-6 weeks after to check in with your progress and map out any tweaks. 


Time to get back on track to being you. 


1:1 Coaching Programme

Deep Coaching, minimum 4 months commitment

1:1 Coaching for empathic & high achieving trailblazers.

For individuals who want to make an impact in the world, and are ready to get past theirs fear and self doubt to take action. 

  • Ready to go up a gear?
  • Looking for a challenge, a change, or a complete transformation?
  • Need accountability, support and guidance?

This is deep coaching and a truly transformational experience to get you to where you need to be - blazing your own trail.  

You will learn practices to attract abundance, success, health and wealth into your life.

This is for you if you want freedom, if you want to take your life and your business to the next level, or get started on the journey to become your own boss.  

This is for you if you are a visionary.


”Thank you.... I found our call really helpful and reminded me HUGELY that I need space to breathe! I have been confining myself and it’s not helping. I also love that you think differently to me and see things that I don’t.”
— Clare Nisbet, Scotland

Not sure?

Don't feel ready?  Feel stuck?

Book in for your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session and let's take a look at where you are and where you want to go and what we can do about it. 


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